Current PhD Students

1.       Mahmoud ElBattah “Complex Supply Chain Modelling and Analytics Using Simulation and Big Data with Specific Applications in Perishable Goods Supply Chains such as Vaccine Distribution.”

2.       Trish O’Connell “An investigation into motivation and culture aspects of agile team formation”

Current MSc (Research) Students

1.    Winnie McDonagh “A phonics based language learning and teaching system”

PhD Theses Supervised:

1.       Claire Costello “Incorporating Performance into Process Models to Support Business Activity Monitoring”, NUIG, 2008.

2.       Brian Shields “Using Description Logic and Rules to Implement Access Control”, NUIG 2009.

3.       Sean Kennedy  “ Transitioning from SOAP to RESTful Web Services”, NUIG 2012


MSc Theses Supervised:

1.       Tom Lyons “The Development of an eBusiness Skilset Enhancement Tool (eSET) for B2B Integration Scenarios”, MSc Applied Computing, NUIG, 2003

2.       Claire Costello “Integrating Intelligence into the Business Process Management Framework”, MSc Applied Computing, NUIG, 2003

3.       Brian Shields, “An Agent Based Approach to Enterprise Application Integration”, MSc Applied Computing, NUIG, 2003

4.       Jason Varley “A Staged eBusiness Development Model for SME’s”, MSc Applied Computing, NUIG, 2003

5.       Sinead Keys “eBusiness and Trading Partner Management System for SME’s”, MSc Applied Computing, NUIG, 2003


Current Masters Students (minor theses)

1.         Pawel Olejarnik - Best practices in designing information systems for predictive analytics (MScSD&D)

2.         Aine Glynn – Investigation of Effects of Technology on Communication Skills (MIT)

3.         James Moriarty – Simulation of Lean Kanban Software Development (MIT)

4.         Dara O’Connor – Best Practice in Role-Based Access Control for Database Systems (MScSD&D)

5.         Donal Hogan – Business Intelligence Architecture for Softwood Sawmills (MScSD&D)

6.         John Fitzgerald - A layered, n-tier software architecture to facilitate the integration of external (web) services and hence, support adoption of a service oriented architecture (MScSD&D)

7.         Jonathan Meehan – Statistical Debugging in Distributed Systems (MScSD&D)

8.         Niamh Lynch - Design of an Oracle Database for the automation of a risk analysis FMEA tool for use within the Medical Device Industry (MScSD&D)

9.         Susan McMonagle – Identification of the key compliance challenges with US and EU regulations relating to embedded device software and manufacturing equipment software in medical device companies (MScSD&D)

10.      Suzi Kennefick - Guidelines to Customise the Agile Process To Address the Challenges Encountered by Suppliers using Agile Methodology, When Producing Software for Acceptance by Highly Regulated Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Industries (MScSD&D)

Masters Theses (Minor) Supervised:

1.              Anne Belhein “Computer Aided Manufacturing in a Concurrent Engineering Environment”, MIT, NUIG, 1993

2.              Orla Corbett “”A Framework and Strategy for Aligning Business and IT”, MIT, NUIG, 2000

3.              Tonia LuykxProgramme Management, A Framework for Continuous Improvement”, MIT, NUIG, 2000

4.              Deirdre McGrath “An Investigation into the role of Software Localisation in Global Software Development”, MIT, NUIG, 2002

5.              Stephen Fitzpatrick “Software Quality Assurance”, MIT, NUIG, 2002

6.              Sally O’Connor “The Role of Customer Data Resource Management in CRM in the Financial Services Industry”, MIT, NUIG-IMI, 2002

7.              Stuart Curran “Is e-Business A Key Driver For Success In Irish Small / Medium Enterprises?”, MIT, NUIG-IMI, 2003

8.              Anne Keane “An Evaluation of the Potential Benefits of Smart Card Health Records to the Irish Health Service”, MIT, NUIG-IMI, 2003

9.              Joe Bohan “An Investigation into the Suitability of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Small to Medium Sized Enterprises”, MIT, NUIG, 2003

10.          Alan McCormack “Evaluating the Alignment of Software Development with Business Objectives”, MIT, NUIG, 2004

11.          Martin Sexton “The Development and Evaluation of an Expert-Based Effort Estimation Tool”, MIT, NUIG, 2005

12.          Paul Norton “Barriers to E-Business Adoption for SME’s”, MIT, NUIG, 2006

13.          Michael Atkins “Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Business Process Management”,  MIT, NUIG, 2006

14.          Patrick Cresham “Self-Organising Radio Access Networks”, MIT, NUIG, 2009

15.          Trevor McGinley “Model Driven Architecture”, MSc Software Design and Development, NUIG, 2005

16.          Thomas (Garry) Farrell “Sarbanes – Oxley compliance within IT Departments – Milestone or Millstone?”, MSc Software and Information Systems, NUIG, 2006

17.          Adrian Nolan “Mashup Development Using Java Technologies”, MSc Software and Information Systems, NUIG, 2007

18.          Patrick Collins “Using PageRank to Analyse Incident Data.”, MSc Software and Information Systems, NUIG, 2008

19.          Mark Heaney “Measuring the success of SOA/Business Process implementations within a Multi-Vendor Environment: An MVNE Case Study using BPEL”, .”, MSc Software and Information Systems, NUIG, 2008

20.          Cillian Joy “Examine the challenges faced during the implementation of intranet solutions in an Irish university…”, MSc Software and Information Systems, MScSED 2009

21.          Paula O’Hara “Integrating Business Intelligence with ERP”, MSc Software and Information Systems, MScSED 2009

22.          Colm Lohan - Gilding the Lily : An examination of the subjective experiences of working under prescribed “developer led” methodologies as mandated by a hierarchical organization. MScSED 2010

23.          David Watson – Cloud Computing MScSED 2011

24.          Eoin Mullally – Return on Investment in Service Oriented Computing MScSED 2010

25.          Martin MacMillan – Intergration with Software As A Service on the Cloud MScSED 2010

26.          Jonathan Clarke – E-Commerce solutions for Developing Countries MScSED 2010

27.          Killian Logan - Simulation tools in business process improvement projects MScSED 2011

28.          Con Coffey – Manufacturing Execution Systems Implementation in Irish Medical Device Manufacturing Companies MScSED 2011

29.          Padraic O’Keeffe – The Use of Resource Allocation and Project Prioritisation Techniques in Regulated Industries MScSED 2011

30.          Prionnsias Glynn – A Framework For Agile Business Intelligence for Irish SME’s. MScSED 2011

31.          Gerard Holohan - The Critical Analysis and Development of an Information System for Tool and Die Management in the Production of Door Facings. MScSED 2012

32.          Aidan Keating - Applying Semantics to Enhance Service Discovery MScSED 2013

33.          Finbarr Burke – Portfolio Allocation Optimiser MScSED 2011

34.          Alejandro Vera Baquero - Business Intelligence 2.0: Integration of Event Data from Heterogeneous Systems to Support Business Process Analysis and Simulation MScSED 2012

35.          Cavell O’Donnell - The feasibility and benefits of 'Automatic Meter Reading' (AMR) and 'Advanced Metering Infrastructure' (AMI) technology for collection of water usage data in Ireland. MScSED 2013

36.          Kenneth Connaughton - An Analysis of the Issues Encountered during the Implementation of an Electronic Patient Record in a large Healthcare Organisation and the End User Experience during this Transition. MScSED 2013

37.          Lisa McMorrow - An IT framework to support the interconnection of external business partners. MScSED 2013

38.          Paul Cusack – An Analysis of the Software Development Project Initiation Process. MScSED 2013

39.          Sean Foley - An investigation into the use of an expert system to support software test method selection. MScSED 2013

40.          Shane Lawless - The investigation of the feasibility of a current state of the art Cloud Point of Sale System implementation in a Hospitality business. MScSED 2013