Dr. Michael Schukat Course Material

2011 - 2012

-          CT108: Next Generation Technologies I Medical Informatics

-          CT254: Information Systems in Healthcare

-          CT360: Next Generation Technologies III Medical Informatics (Biosignal Lab)

-          CT420: Real-Time Systems

-          CT514: IT Strategy - Emerging Technologies (Lecture 5)

-          CT516/CT861: Computer Architecture & Operating Systems

-          DM104: Perspectives in the Digital Age Medical Informatics (Lecture 1)

Previous Years (2002 - 2011)

-          CT433: Advanced Studies in IT Mass Storage Technologies
CT433: Advanced Studies in IT Compiler Theory and Compiler Design

-          CT328: Final Year Project


-          CT337: Technical Writing

CT868: Technical Writing

-          CT502: Computer Hardware

-          CT517: Computer Communications
CT866: Computer Communications

-          CT470: Object Oriented Programming
CT520: GUI and Object Oriented Programming (Programming in C++)
CT862: GUI and Object Oriented Programming (Programming in C++)

-          CT869: Group Project Support Module

-          CT425: Advanced Communications

-          CT872: Research Methods and Group Project

-          CT211: Next Generation Technologies II Medical Informatics

-          CT344: Next Generation Technologies III




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