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The Medical Informatics Research Group was founded in 2002. It consists of around 12 researchers including academic members of staff, project engineers, postgraduate students and post-doc students. The research group has strong links with both the Mater Hospital in Dublin and the University Hospital in Galway. 
Since its establishment the Medical Informatics Research Group has secured significant funding from Enterprise Ireland for the following projects:

  • PRIMA (Portable Remote Intelligent Medical Agents)
  • BioSens
  • DigiSpenser (a Medication Management and Compliance Monitoring System)
Current research areas include:
  1. wireless, portable ambulatory patient-monitoring systems (BAN-Hubs),
  2. low-cost, energy-efficient sensors for biosignal monitoring,
  3. advanced AI-based diagnosis systems for biosignal analysis,
  4. deployment of medical agents in healthcare applications,
  5. medication management and compliance monitoring systems,
  6. workflow analysis and workflow optimisation in hospitals,
  7. intelligent, portable dietary support systems for diabetics,
  8. distributed middleware components for ambulatory medical monitoring systems
  9. and ambulatory monitoring services for chronic pain analysis of individuals with spinal cord injury.